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Concord Place Brentwood

Concord Place Brentwood

Prestigious Park Side Living

4829 Dawson Street, Burnaby, BC​​

Expected Price: TBD
Sales Status: Preselling
Developer: Concord Pacific

Concord Place Brentwood for Prestigious Living

With an aim of providing prestigious living for people of Burnaby through redevelopment of Woodland industrial area, Burnaby city and Concord Pacific is working hand-in-hand in reaching this goal. People can expect a truly special place after the innovation of the 26-acre area that lies west of the Delta Avenue, east of the Beta Avenue, South of the Lougheed Highway and extends to south or rail line. The innovative plan is created to reflect the real beauty and use of Brentwood, and maximize what the area brings, not just the headaches the site offers to most people.

Concord Place Brentwood Prestigious Areas

The development plan is divided into six areas: Lougheed Parkway, Hillside Area, Flatlands area, Parks, Parkside area, and the Riparian area. Each of which presents an opportunity to form a real special place which engages with natural environment, is diverse and inclusive, and is totally integrated with the broader Town center.

Lougheed Parkway - Has the most enticing view through the center median landscape. Ornamental Shrubs, trees and ambient lightning with rain garden will be incorporated to produce desirable and fresh ambiance.

Hillside Area – This would include four high-rises condominium ranging from 35-55 storeys along with townhouses on southern slope. This goes with a grand staircase that leads to Yukon Crescent from Lougheed highway.

Flatlands Area – This includes vast array of housing options including a mid-rise buildings with four to fifteen storeys that arises in terraced formation and a 2 high-rise buildings with 30-40 storeys. It would also be home of cafés, retails and restaurants and other commercial spaces for residents.Park and

Parkside Area – With 13.32 acres, the park itself would be the space for recreational facilities including water features, terraced seating, field space, sports field, picnic area and play area for children. The park’s east end is home of an elementary school. The Parkside area would include 4 high-rise buildings that range from 25-45 storeys. The area surrounding the building would be landscaped to form park-life in nature in a private realm.

Riparian Area – This is the park extension surrounding the Stickleback Creek. Pathways, low-impact trails, streamside protection for improving fish passage as well as wildlife habitat. This area would be improved to revive its natural state.

The areas would be innovated into a better place that will deliver prestigious Parkside living to residents. The innovation ideas aim to form a transit-oriented community that goes along with remarkable and unique architecture and urban design. The improved Lougheed Parkway, wide ranging of housing options, new vehicular, cycling and pedestrian connection, improvement of Stickleback Creek and new park would be the most exciting and notable transformation of an industrial community into a vibrant community.

Concord Place Brentwood redevelopment plan is from the wonderful ideas of James K.M. Cheng, an award-winning architect. The created redevelopment plan was geared towards the welfare of the community. Involving residents of the community and other affiliated individuals through consultation process to further enhance the concept which leads to the development of this prestigious plan.

Quick Facts:​

  • Estimated Price: TBD

  • Address: 4829 Dawson Street, Burnaby

  • Storeys: 33-55

  • Style of Units: Condo/Townhomes

  • Construction: Concrete

  • Features: Huge Park on Site, new school

  • Onsite Amenities: park, rec centre, sports field

  • Public Transportation: sky train short walk

  • Nearby Parks: Brand new park built on site

  • Nearby Amenities: shopping, golf, skiing, walking trails, deer lake

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