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The Mercer by Cressey

The Mercer by Cressey

Modern Urban Living Is Coming to Vancouver’s Iconic Commercial Drive

3470 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC​​

Expected Price: One Bedroom homes starting from $300,000.
Sales Status: Preselling
Developer: Cressey Developments Group

Cressey Developments Group is proud to present Mercer a new presale condo. It’s the first condo development around Commercial Drive in quite some time, combining the best of modern living with the eclectic, bohemian vibe that is at the heart of this popular area

Quick Facts:

  • Estimated Price: One Bedroom homes starting from $300,000.

  • Address: 3470 Commercial Drive

  • Units: 48Nearby Parks:John Hendry Park

  • Nearby Amenities: Trout Lake Community Centre

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