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The Buying Process

The Buying Process

There are a number of steps to follow to ensure that the real estate you buy lives up to your expectations. The process for buying can be described in a number of steps as shown below. We recommend you find an experienced realtor to assist you in the process:

Find out what you need and what you want

The more clear and specific you can be the easier it is to find a property that meets your expectations. How many bedrooms do you need? Are pets allowed? What is the maximum commute time you can accept? How are the schools? Do you have a preference in neighborhood? When do you wish to move? A good realtor will help you determine and prioritize your key needs and wants.

Determine what you can afford

It’s important to find out how much you can and are willing to spend for your new home. You can use our mortgage calculator to find out what your limit is. We can also refer you to a mortgage broker that can give you an exact figure depending on your credit rating and best interest rates.

The search and visit

You can search the website for listings and/or have your realtor search for suitable listings that match your criteria and budget. Make a number of visits and get a good understanding of your options and the neighborhoods. Discuss the options with your realtor who knows the buildings and areas in detail. Your realtor will also help you evaluate the prices.

Make an offer

Your realtor will help you come up with a fair price for the property you decide upon and fill in the paper work. The realtor will make sure the contracts and all legal is correct.


It’s important to have an experienced realtor to negotiate the best deal for you. Your offer can be accepted, rejected or counter offered. Your realtor will use up to date information, experience and skills to negotiate with the seller.


To protect your investment your realtor will oversee inspections and formal appraisals of your new home.


This step deals with the legal transfer of the property from the seller to the buyer. Your realtor will make sure all necessary documents are correctly filled out and that the funds are transferred.


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